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Humans, since you don’t know how to solve your own problems, the subnormal monetes have come to deal out justice and elegance with our sexy and tropical style. You are taking too long to buy a canoe, you will need one!!!
Lead Soundesigner: Dani Trujillo / Sound Designers: Alberto Carlassare, Fran Paredes, Marc Solá / Date of production: 2015 / Genre: Animation / Subject: Comedy / Length: 04 min 30 sec / Shooting format: Full HD (1920px x 1080 px) / Screening format: Full HD / Ratio: 16:9 / Speed: 25 fps / Country: Spain / Screenplay: Paulo Mosca / Executive production: Trimono & This Way Publicity / Producers: Abel Sánchez, Paulo Mosca, Marcin J. Sobzak / Art Direction: Paulo Mosca / Color Key Artist: Alfonso Salazar / Animation: Nacho Rodriguez, Paulo Mosca / Editing: Abel Sánchez, Paulo Mosca / Design: Abel Sánchez / Image Post-production: Abel Sánchez / Music and Sound Design: Banjo / Music Composer: Iván Llopis